Company Introduction
Introducing DIGITALZONE, a strong and solid company.
Business·Product Introduction
Introducing the businesses and products of DIGITALZONE.
PR Center
Information on the notices and press releases of DIGITALZONE.
Introducing IR information of DIGITALZONE.
DIGITALZONE, considering the values of human resources.
Business Introduction
DIGITALZONE generates a stable profit based on its multimedia business and electronic document business, and by designating the network convergence solution as its strategic new business, it contributes continuously to growth.
Video Operation
We provide a video solution as a demonstration to customers, a requirement when promoting the outstanding characteristics of the TV in a TV store or an exhibition hall.
Presenting you
with clear and
vivid images!
Electronic Document We provide services such as establishing and operating a system which enables various certifications to be issued through the Internet or unmanned issuance machines in universities, hospitals and others.
Awarding you
with time!
Strategic Business
We provide various network-based IT convergence devices.
Awarding you with convenience in life!