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In the electronic document business:
We are leading the domestic target market through electronic document solutions such as the establishment and operation of an Internet-based electronic certificate issuance system, prevention of forgery of electronic documents, document security, and others in fields including universities, hospitals, public institutes, financial institutes and corporate businesses. In particular, the Internet electronic certificate issuance solution in universities takes up 55% of the domestic market, and the Internet electronic certificate issuance solution and Internet-based insurance claim solution connected to hospitals are creating new markets domestically for the first time.
Service Information
University service
  • - Internet authentication issuing service
      Webminwon Center
  • - Unmanned Certificate Issuing Machine
  • - Fax Automated Publication System
  • - Online Academic Record Check system
  • - Online Certificate Submission Service
Hospital service
  • - Medical certificate Internet Issuing Service
  • - Medical certificate window security issue   service
  • - Online sending service for examination   results
  • - Health examination integrated   management service
Corporate service
  • - Security issuance service for authorized   institutions' report
  • - Career Certificate Online Submission   Service
IT Outsourcing service
  • - Vehicle Management Information System
  • - Electronic Document Distribution System
  • - Internet Certificate Issuing System
  • - Having the performance of many   public/private service SI projects
Internet attestation
issuing system
  • - Application and issuance of certificates
  • - Online e-payment
  • - Fax/E-mail Certificate
  • - On/offline certificate authenticity   verification
  • - Certificate forgery prevention
  • - EElectronic Document Issue/Distribution   Platform DocuChain
  • - Smart Insurance Claiming System